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UMG Broadcast                       DOP

Warner Bros; CEX Exchange     DOP

Love Island Idents                     DOP

The Manor; Lad Bible Junket      DOP

Dave @ Brixton Academy Live        Camera Supervisor

BT Sport; Fight Night                     Camera Supervisor

Allurion Medical Broadcast            Camera Supervisor

Ed Sheeran @ Wembley Stadium      Camera Operator

Kevin Hart Live @ London O2           Camera Operator

MDL Beast Festival                          Camera Operator

Sky Arts; Book Club                        Camera Operator

David Guetta Live                          Camera Operator 

MTV PUSH; Yungblud Live               Camera Operator

Ball & Boe Live @ London O2          Camera Operator

MOS Carnival Warm Up                 Camera Operator

Starmus Festival                             Camera Operator 

Slash @ Hammersmith Apollo           Camera Operator

Linkin Park @ London O2                 Camera Operator

Chvches Live @ House of Vans          Camera Operator

Globe @ Osea Island                      Camera Operator

Helena Fischer Live                          Camera Operator

Sewing Bee VTs                               Camera Operator

BT Sport; Boxing Fight Night             Camera Operator

Nature Photographer Of The Year      Camera Operator

BT Sport; Speed Way                       Camera Operator

The Voice 2018/2019                     Camera Operator

The Voice Kids 2018/2019              Camera Operator

BT Sport; EE Corporate                     Camera Operator

Aston Martin Promo                          Camera Operator

Meet What You Eat                           Camera Operator

Road To Wembley                             Camera Operator

Comedy Central Live in Southampton  Camera Operator

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