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Jaspar has been in the industry since 2010, cutting his teeth in facilities houses preparing and maintaining a variety of high-end large sensor cinema cameras, developing his knowledge of anamorphic and spherical lenses both new and old as well as grip and lighting.

Jaspar has established himself in the industry as a diligent and punctual crew member with the ability to follow direction to capture the directors vision, suggest suitable cameras and lenses as well as source the crew required. 

His skill set is spread across a large variety of genres within the industry, with a firm foothold in the multicamera world covering live events such as concerts, festivals, large scale events as well as small intimate performances.

Without wishing to be pigeon-holed he can be found working on commercials, shooting EPK / press junkets, shooting VTs for various mainstream shows plus a wide variety of other projects forms.

Competent with any camera and a strong knowledge within the realms of Sony & Arri's fleet of cameras, he is an Operator you can trust to capture what you and your projects requires.

If you want to get in contact regarding your next project or just fancy a chat feel free to head over to the

Get In Touch page.

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